Coke-Changing Colors

Get Ready Canada

In Canada, Coca-Cola is going through a change. It is getting being prepped for summer with its new colored cans.  According to a recent article in Marketing Mag this move began a couple of weeks ago and has the cans being sold with a cool “thermosensitive ink” which reacts when the temperature of the can is “cold enough to drink.”

According to the beverage’s Quebec brand’s marketing manager, Denis Fertlatte, the reason for this new marketing strategy is as follows:  “The summer season is very important for both the soft drink and beer industries. We need to stand out and innovate to grab consumers’ attention and interest. Moreover, summer, with its warm and sunny weather, is the time to focus on the refreshing aspect of our product. So we came up with this new can.”

Coca-Cola Copy Cat?

There has been however, some slight criticism about the move; that this strategy has been used by other beverages already. But Ferlatte argued that even though the same technique was indeed being used he insisted that Coca-Cola Canada was “neither in the same category or targeting the same clientele, so we’re not worried about the comparison.”

This cool idea is to be found on a 335 ml can of coke in which a “white class Coke bottle turns red when the liquid reaches 8 degrees Celsius.”  But get in there fast since these will only be for sale until Labour Day.


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