Cody Simms

Cody Simms became Vice President of Product at StumbleUpon at the end of June, 2012.  Prior to this role, he was a Vice President at Yahoo!  Of his position at StumbleUpon, Simms explained:  “I’ll be overseeing all product and design, including consumer products, publisher tools, and the company’s Paid Discovery platform which helps advertisers insert promoted content into users’ Stumble sessions.”  In his role at Yahoo!, Simms worked on:  publisher products, developer products, social products, and consumer media products.  He believes that what is “exciting” about his position at StumbleUpon is working on all of these issues, together, at the same time; something he didn’t do at Yahoo.  Further, one of Simms’ main goals at StumbleUpon is to work on developing its worldwide presence.

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