CEOs Optimistic About Future of US Economy

According to a survey by Business Roundtable CEOs are cautiously optimistic about the economy over the next months. On the question of when CEOs believe their businesses will get back to normal, this is what they said:

  • 26% said their business either did not suffer during the pandemic, or that they have already recovered, or that by the end of 2020 they expect everything to go back to pre-pandemic levels.
  • 41% said they expect their business to recover during 2021.
  • 33% expect recovery in 2022 or later

Optimism about the future is often reflected in the hiring levels of companies. Those levels are back to the average levels of 11.5 points. Another indicator is capital investment, which is above average at about 25.2 points. Sales expectations are above average at 29.9 points, and CEOs expect GDP growth to reach about 1.9%.

The CEOs also said that a relief package from Washington would help there businesses and the economy in general.

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