Cadbury Brothers is a British confectionery company. Established nearly 200 years ago, the company operates in more than fifty countries.

The company began as a small chocolate business, shared by John Cadbury and his brother Benjamin. The two were granted a royal warrant as confectioners for the queen in 1854. John’s sons took over the business in 1861, and acquired a large estate to serve as the company’ new premises. Eventually, additional land was purchased in the area, where George Cadbury built a model village for the company’s employees.

1905 saw another change for Cadbury; the company launched its Dairy Milk bar. This became its best-selling product, later incorporating Fruit and Nut, Whole Nut and others like Flake, Cream-filled eggs, Crunchie and Roses.

In 1969, Cadbury merged with the drink company Schweppes. It then acquired Sunkist, Canada Dry, Typhoo Tea and many more. In 2007, the two companies split, and in 2010, the company was controversially acquired by Kraft Foods for $18.9 billion.

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