Buy Phillip Morris International

This highly volatile market is not a safe havens by any means, and fixed income investments yield very little. In this situation, one might be wise to take some moderate risks and examine equities. Equities which offer both growth prospects and dividends with help to stabilize portfolios.

Phillip Morris International (PMI) is an economically insensitive business because people will smoke in good times and in bad times. In bad times people want the upper to calm their nerves and therefore they will not quit smoking easily. PMI is not connected to the American Phillip Morris Company and therefore is not exposed to the American Company’s legal problems. Pmi is headquartered in Switzerland and operates in 180 countries. It owns the 15 top cigarette brands in the world and employs 75,000 workers worldwide. Whether you smoke cigarettes or not, the company is on its way up and looks like a good short to mid-term investment and also pays a decent dividend.

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