Businesses: Reduce Energy Costs

How can the hospitality industry in the US reduce energy costs without negatively impacting the service they provide? Is it possible for hotels, motels and others to provide heat, air-conditioning, spa services, WiFi, etc., all while reducing their operating expenses?

Diversegy, a subsidiary of Genie Energy, works with clients of all shapes and sizes in this industry by providing the tools, services and training to its energy professionals to help these businesses reduce energy overhead costs.

Diversegy offers the complete package, given its knowledge of all aspects of the energy supply chain.  In addition to being consultants, they have supply-side procurement, solar and efficiency expertise in-house. For all those in the hospitality industry – from small B&Bs to medium-sized hotels and large establishments – Diversegy can offer the most efficient solutions vis-à-vis the purchase of energy.

With the assistance of the expertise of Diversegy staff, hotel managers can spend more time focusing on how to ensure the best service is provided to their guests.  A huge amount of energy is required in such establishments; Diversegy helps to reduce costs in these areas.  Once costs are reduced, profits increase, monies of which can be put toward capital improvements or investments that will ultimately attract more guests.

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