AT&T Connecting

Earlier this year, AT&T implemented several upgrades to its broadband service, in an effort to resolve some of their major issues such as dropped calls and slow downloads. The wireless carrier’s New York-based campaign also included the sponsorship of major city events, and the help of consultant Bradley Tusk.

Before its campaign and merger deal with T-Mobile, AT&T was often criticized for its inconsistent iPhone service, and the company’s executives did not expect immediate success from the campaign in what is still one of the largest and most competitive markets in the U.S.

“First we catch up, then we anticipate and plan for the future,” Hal Lenox, president of AT&T New York, said at the time. “That’s what this is all about.”

Improvements were immediately made throughout Manhattan, which allowed for better performance, fewer dropped calls, faster downloads and reception from deep within buildings, according to Mike Maus of AT&T. The wireless carrier also provided free Wi-Fi for the Harlem Week Festival in August.

In one year, 50% fewer dropped calls were reported, and surveys have revealed that AT&T customers are now “very satisfied” with the company’s services.

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