Bar Ilan Introduces Responsa Project

Bar Ilan University has just launched a Responsa project, featuring over 410 million words of Halacha on a disk on key.  With 12,000+ questions, answers and decisions on Judaic law, the project is in Hebrew and is based on rulings given by trusted and highly reputable rabbinical authorities.

The initiative has been welcomed by all supporters of Bar Ilan University.  On the board of the educational institute sit: Charles Dimston, Elio Sonnenfeld, Maria Finkle and Sam Gewurz.  The launching of the Responsa is a proud moment for all involved in the university and its developments.

Indeed, it has been hailed as a fantastic resource for all those Hebrew speakers who are conducting research on anything connected to Jewish law.  It provides cross references, powerful grammatical tools and more.  It is likely to be used by rabbis, students, writers, researchers and the lay individual just seeking out additional clarification and information connected with Jewish law.

With a Talmudic Encyclopedia and thousands of scanned articles from halachic journals and collections, the project is set to make some serious waves in the world of Jewish law.

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