Nasib Hasanov – Baku is Your Next Travel Destination for Business & Pleasure

Exotic travel has become big business, and for good reason. As more people have expendable income, they search for the next rush of excitement – the next place to see. Businesspeople may also be looking for the next unique location to work their trade. And one little known location is Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. Here are some tips for exploring this oasis and enjoying the sites along the way.

Certainly, as Nasib Hasanov, Azerbaijan tour guide explains, the old town is a must-see. The walled fortress can be seen in one day on foot. Make sure to look at the Guz Qalasi, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Shirvan Shahs is the highlight of the Old City and the Maiden’s Tower is another stop along the way. There are some great sites outside of the city on the Absheron Peninsula as well.

More ideas include the Atashgah Fire Temple, the Yanar Dagh which is a mountain that is on fire continually, and the Qala. Nasib Hasanov recommends that every visitor see the Pantomima theater and the Baku Entertainment Center.

Another spot that is quite interesting for tourists is the Hamam Mehellesi Public Baths. These are the oldest baths in Baku and make for a very interesting experience.

For those who love museums there is the Azeri National Costume Museum, The Taghiyev History Museum, the Latif Karimov Carpet and Applied Arts Museum and the Home of Jafar Jabbarli.

As Nasib Hasanov, Azerbaijan tour guide explains, there is something for everyone in this magical city and it’s certainly an out-of-the-ordinary travel destination for today’s business executives and everyone else.

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