B2B Brand Boost in SMM

It seems that business-to-business brands are jumping on the social media marketing bandwagon according to a BtoB magazine study that found 93 percent of B2B marketers working in this field. This is especially apparent with LinkedIn, its 100 million members and a major increase in B2B sign-ins. BtoB is the magazine for “marketing strategists,” being the “only publication dedicated to all disciplines of business-to-business marketing.” For anyone looking for new trends in marketing or winning strategies, this is the magazine.

SMM Great Marketing Tool

Clearly LinkedIn is finding that SMM is a great marketing tool as it is opening it up to more such channels like blogging which 19 percent of respondents claimed were “the most beneficial social outreach,” in the BtoB magazine survey.

BtoB Awards

It’s a real honor for a company to be recognized by BtoB’s Social Media Marketing Awards program and 16 companies out of 120 entries made the grade. Some of the higher entries include: Cisco Systems, Sybase and Mongoose Metrics. The magazine’s editor, John Obrecht commented, “it’s clear that marketing in the social Web has come of age in B-to-B marketing.” As well, there has been a substantial increase in the social side of technology marketing campaigns.

So for B2B brands wanting to pump up the marketing volume, social media marketing seems to be the way forward. With some encouragement from BtoB’s magazine and awards system, they can be well on their way to mega-sales.

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Jonathan Bowes started his career in banking. After a few years, he took courses in business and finance and worked his way up the corporate ladder. Today, while writing part-time for Business District, Bowes assists talented people to find jobs in the field of economics. Contact Bowes at Jonathon[at]businessdistrict.com