Atlanta Airport Rated Best in the World

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport

Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport was given the gold medal in a survey conducted by the Travel Leaders Group, one of America’s largest travel firms.

The survey asked 930 travel agents, managers and other people who work for the Group to rate the world’s airports for amenities, food, and making connections to other flights.

Hartsfield-Jackson is the busiest airport in the world with over 2,500 flights arriving and leaving there each day. That translates into about a quarter million passengers either stopping in Atlanta or in 95 percent of the cases, making flight connections to take them further along on their journeys.

Business travelers look for particular services at airports, such as good wireless Internet connections, many conveniently located places to charge cell phones and laptops, conference rooms, comfy waiting areas and lots of great choices for eating between those flights, says a spokeswoman for the Travel Leaders Group Kathy Gerhardt.

Hartsfield-Jackson has them all, and a few more for good measure, says Louis E. Miller, the general manager of aviation at the Atlanta Airport.

“It’s like a city here,” Miller explained, noting that there are 125 restaurants and snack bars, 90 shops, a bathroom for pets, and a place where travelers can rent a small room with a daybed sofa to catch a few winks, all within the 130-acre terminal.

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