Will Apple Survive Without Steve Jobs?

The big news (besides Hurricane Irene) is that Apple has lost it’s chief innovator Steve Jobs.  Steve Jobs is essentially Apple and without him the company stock price fell.  One can say lots of things about the world we live in, but Steve Jobs and Apple have revolutionized the way we communicate and process information and because of that his departure seems to be a serious blow to Apple, or is it?

Bill Gates Departed First

Many people had the same reaction to Microsoft’s future when Bill Gates departed, but Microsoft is alive and thriving.  Essentially, Apple under the stewardship of its new CEO Tim Cook will still make iPhones and they will still push forward innovation after innovation.  This is not to say that the transition will be smooth, but big companies are often larger than the vision of one man.  Apple has teams of people who think big and there is no doubt that the future is still bright.

Apple and the Far East

Even with a leadership transition at the top of Apple, the company has made tremendous in roads in Asian markets by connecting with some of the largest communication companies in China.  Apple is in talks with both China Telecom Corp. and China Mobile Limited.  Both of these companies would incorporate the iPhone in their cell phone packages.  This is a tremendous market that would drive Apple revenues and stock even higher.

About James Cannon

James Cannon is an experienced hedge fund analyst. He has served on the advisory boards for various different Fortune 500 companies as well as serving as an adjunct professor of finance. James Cannon has written for a variety of Financial Magazines both on and off line. Contact James at james[at]businessdistrict.com