Apple Buy Back Plan Keeping Customers Loyal

Trade-in Your iPhone at an Apple Store Near You
Trade-in Your iPhone at an Apple Store Near You

Ready to upgrade your iPhone? Why not save yourself some time and trouble and let Apple buy it back from you? This month Apple is planning on launching an in-store buy-back program with the express goal of helping people to upgrade to iPhone 5, and maybe even buy some cool accessories they might not have thought of buying before.

How does this program benefit Apple? Let us count the ways:

•    An almost bottomless source of not-too-used phones which can help fill a growing overseas market. As Western markets become loaded with iPhones the Asian and other markets become a more important source of revenue for Apple.

•    There is already a recycling option for Apple customers through their web site, but offering customers a trade-in option for immediate credit towards a new phone gets them into the stores, where the goodies therein are almost irresistible. This makes already quite loyal Apple customers even more loyal.

•    Apple also believes the program will benefit their customers in terms of convenience if not financial. It is simpler to just march into an Apple outlet and get a good price than to go through the trouble of selling in one of the thriving second hand markets for electronic devices, such as BuyMyTronics, Gazelle and Glyde, although there is small chance Apple will outbid the open market.

This clever program should get Apple a lot of gently used phones to sell in the East, while at the same time keeping their customers close at heel with a trade-in program that only offers credit in their stores. Apple certainly has no intention of giving today’s Apple owners a chance to become tomorrow’s Galaxy groupies.

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