Apple’s Advertising Aberration?

iPad 2 Commercial Needs Work

Apple doesn’t really even need to advertise itself. The company’s products seem to pretty much know how to sell themselves. As noted by Peter Oppenheimer, the company’s CFO, “Apple sold every iPad 2 that we could make.” Hardly a company that needs any marketing assistance. But nonetheless, the powers-that-be have clearly made the decision to do otherwise and clearly dedicate a fair portion of its budget on marketing as do most large corporations. It’s only a shame if they invest this money and then not actually achieve the image they are going for. And that seemed to happen with the latest commercial for the iPad 2.

Apple Shouldn’t Have Broken With Commercial Tradition

What’s somewhat strange in this commercial is how Apple seems to have ditched its standard tradition of how it usually markets itself. Ordinarily, the company’s ads are based on how little they blow their own trumpets, but this one seems to do the complete opposite. The TV commercial that aired last week, had the iPad 2 as “an all-purpose tool useful to children and CEOs alike.”

Different to the product’s first commercial, it uses the theme, “if you asked,” as a way to argue its usefulness. The first one pushes the idea that technology alone is not enough.” Anyway if you want to check it out for yourselves, go to this link.

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