AmCham-Tanzania is Helping to Save the Elephants

AmCham-TZ Supporting Elephants and Elephant Tourism
AmCham-TZ Supporting Elephants and Elephant Tourism

The American Chamber of Commerce in Tanzania (AmCham-TZ), an organization that supports US businessmen in Tanzania, is making big efforts to help big mammals, elephants, from the ravages of poaching.

Tanzania is struggling with poaching of elephants, and AmCham-TZ is soliciting funds from US sources to help support the country’s anti-poaching policy. Executive Director Mr. Richard Miles explained that his organization will be looking for funds from Americans that do business in Tanzania, Tanzanian corporations that trade with the US, and US citizens living and working in Tanzania.

“It’s up to us to ensure that future generations of elephants continue to thrive in this beautiful country, and that future generations of tourists from around the world come to see them, creating income and employment for the nation,” said Miles. “This is why we are so proud to lead the charge in galvanizing American corporate efforts to protect wildlife.”

Over 30 elephants are killed every single day in Tanzania. In one year about 10,000 elephants are killed, according to Mr. James Lembeli, chairman of the Natural Resources Committee of Tanzania’s Parliament. At this pace there will no longer be elephants in Tanzania in less than ten years.

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