Adding Green Spaces and Educating Through Business

Doral Bank has a program that focuses on strengthening communities of low and moderate income with reforestation efforts. They have kicked off their most recent efforts by planting gardens and trees to help create natural shade in the municipality of Barceloneta.

Teaming with the Natural Resources Department, Telemundo and Primera Hora they installed garden areas and planted native trees so that the residents of the elderly homes nearby may enjoy them. As Javier Pagan, the Regional Director of the DRNA said,  “Doral’s initiative has real and positive impact. 85 trees were planted in Barceloneta and this is only the beginning for this year. We are happy to have this institution as allies for a cause such as this one.”

Doral Bank has been participating in this environmental program for five years now.

As Lucienne Gigante, EVP of Marketing and Community of Doral Bank said, “Parks are a place for unity, community and family. Reforesting and enhancing the qualities of a park help fortify any community. With our alliances, we provide tools that help impulse education and the enjoyment of families in spaces like these.”

So far this joint project, called dparques, has reforested 19 parks in the community around the island. Their environmental seminars have educated over a million people about environmental conservation and financial education.

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