After her amazing success with eBay, where she had been the CEO and President since 1998, Ms. Whitman resigned from her position in 2007. She remained, however, on the Board until 2008 and became an advisor to the new CEO John Donahoe. Because of her phenomenal success with eBay Ms. Whitman was inducted into the United States Business Hall of Fame in 2008.
Ms. Whitman is active politically, and has taken stands on several key issues. In 2008 she was a supporter of the Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign and was on his National Finance Team. When Romney stepped down, Whitman endorsed McCain for president and became the national co-chair of his presidential campaign.
In September 2009 Meg Whitman began her campaign to run for the governorship of California in the 2010 elections. Funding for her campaign is overridingly coming from her own private monies.

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Meg Whitman

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