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Latest Trump Treasury Nominees

U.S. President Donald Trump recently announced nominees for the Treasury Department.  The nominees are managing directors, bankers and investment executives.  To date, some of the senior economic positions are held by former Goldman Sachs executives, Gary Cohn (National Economic Council Director) and Steven Mnuchin (Treasury Secretary).

One of the recent nominees for Deputy Treasury Secretary is Goldman Sachs banker Jim Donovan. He has been at Goldman Sachs since 1993 and has worked in a variety of fiscal strategic areas such as corporate strategy, investment banking and management. As the Deputy Treasury Secretary, James Donovan will work in Trump’s domestic policy agenda at the Treasury Department.

Another global investment bank executive, David Malpass, was also nominated to the Department, as Treasury Undersecretary for International Affairs.  He has worked in two previous administrations for George H. W. Bush and Ronald Reagan. He was Chief Economist at Bear Stearns and was Trump’s economic advisor during his Presidential campaign.

Another nominee is Sigal Mandelker, who is being nominated as Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence.  Like Donovan and Malpass, Mandelker also brings to the post legal experience.  He was once Clarence Thomas’ law clerk and he then worked at the Department of Justice in various roles.  During the George W. Bush administration, Mandelker advised the Secretary of Homeland Security as well.

Creating the Future Dream Team for our Economy

Certainly, the elections are taking up head space for just about everyone. Reuters has gotten into the act, offering a fascinating list of experts who they believe just might be able to help the American economy. What they’ve done here is place these potential candidates for key economic positions on their site under Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. Each of these candidates has been rated along six lines based on their prior experience and achievements.

Readers are able to hover over each of the candidates, who include such esteemed names as David Cote, Mark Cuban, Brian Deese, James Donovan, Richard Davis and Bob Corker (just to name a few).  Readers can then drag and drop their favorite candidates from each side into various roles and points will be tallied with final scores showing what the people feel would work the best for America’s future.

Possible roles for consideration include the Treasure Secretary, National Economic Council Director, Federal Reserve Chair, Secretary of Commerce, Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers and more.

This analysis can serve important for a few reasons. It offers a glimpse into what people think about their candidates and the economic issues facing America today. It also requires readers (and future voters) to think about their presidential candidates and the cabinets they will put together and to get to know the many economic minds out there including Lael Brainard, Sherrod Brown, Ursula Burns, James Donovan, John Chambers, Elaine Chao and so many others.