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Hain Celestial Group Reaching for the Stars with New Leadership

The Hain Celestial Group, Inc, makers of Celestial Seasonings tea, Rudi’s Organic Bread;

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and many other products in the healthy eating niche, is about to name a new leader.

Its been two months since founder Irwin D. Simon announced his intention to leave is post as president and chief executive officer, and now he said that the board and he are about to complete the process of choosing the person who will take his place.

“I am confident now is the right time for a next generation of leadership, and I firmly believe that some of our greatest opportunities definitely lie ahead,” Mr. Simon said.

The first task of the new president will be to bring back growth to the US division, which the company is presently in the process of “proactively reshaping,” according to Gary W. Tickle, CEO of North America. The company has been, and will continue to cut back on its product portfolio to better focus on and invest in its basic 11 brands and top 500 stock-

keeping units in the USA.

“In 2018, we achieved incremental progress in certain areas of our business from our planned growth investments,” Mr. Tickle said. “Although in total, results for the fourth quarter were below our expectations, we’ve seen positive momentum building in our outlook on core distribution from our most recent round of customer line reviews. We already have confirmed 49,000 net new points of distribution for seven of our top brands across a broad range of retailers and channels. These transformation efforts take time to show tangible results, but these initiatives are translating into improvements in our measured channel numbers.”

ConAgra, Food for Investment Thought

ConAgra Foods, Inc. is a food company with both a Consumer Foods segment and a Commercial Foods segment.  The Consumer Foods segment manufactures, private label, brand name and customized foods. It has 22 brands including Alexia, Wesson, Act II, Van Camps, Blue bonnet, Swiss Mix, Healthy Choice, Snack Pack, Hebrew National, Peter Pan, Slim Jim, Pam, Hunts, etc. The Commercial Food segment supplies food manufacturers, food services and industrial customers. ConAgra is a fortune 500 company which already says a lot.

One of the recent developments in the peanut butter market was due to an unusually poor peanut harvest this year. ConAgra will raise the price of its Peter Pan Peanut butter by 20%. Kraft will be raising the price of its Planters peanut butter by 40%. This may affect sales for better because ConAgra is raising its prices less than other manufacturers.

Some of the moving personalities at ConAgra foods are: Nicole Theophilus, André Hawaux,  John Gehring,  Ryan Scott , Al Bolles, Colleen Batcheler.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is of a general nature. All investment decisions should be based on a thorough analysis of the investment

Ross Stores Offer Amazing Clothing Prices And Amazing Stock Performance.

Ross Stores, Inc. operates apparel and home accessories retail stores which offer 20-60 percent discounts off other stores’ ordinary prices. Ross stores have two chains: the first is Ross Dress for Less and the second is dds Discounts. Ross operates 1055 stores in 27 states and in Guam. Ross Dress for less caters to middle income families and dds Discounts caters more to moderate income families.

Ross buys benefits from the over supplies in the ordinary retail channels and buys quality clothing, footwear and accessories at discount prices. The recessionary economy could lead to an oversupply of inventory in regular stores and a larger quantity of merchandise and better discounts for Ross.

Ross’s stock price has risen over the last two years from $40 to $80 per share. The stock has risen relatively steadily without tremendous ups and downs along the way. Of course, part of the reason that this company succeeding so well is due to the country’s economic problems. More people need better bargains on regular staples. Ross stores supplies the goods.

One of the management staff is Lisa Panattoni, Executive VP of Merchandising which is one of the most important functions of the company. Mark LeHocky is the General Counsel and the Corporate Secretary. In addition to legal counsel for Ross, he was previously the General Counsel for Dreyer’s Ice Cream, Inc. Prior to that he was a principle in the law partnership of Freeland Cooper LeHocky & Hamburg.