Ridgetop Research

Ridgetop Research is a private custom recruiting platform, established in 2008. Aiming to become the first of its kind, Ridgetop Research works to provide a unique primary source research opportunity for specific groups of well-established investment firms. The company’s unique system simplifies the recruitment of industry professionals, and assigns numerous recruiting resources to each client as well. This, along with Ridgetop Research’s insights in to independent research and focus on compliance, ensure that the company obtains the most suitable and efficient industry professionals for client projects.

Ridgetop Research’s clients include some of the world’s most successful fund managers. The firm’s partners are established institutions, and the company is “even more demanding” when it comes to analyst recruitment. All analysts brought onto the team are individuals with various backgrounds, taught to follow the firm’s processes and methodologies. The structure of the company, filled with numerous professionals, enables clients to access a “pool of recruiting experience and expertise” which is different, and often more effective, than an individual fund level.

Ridgetop Research also organizes and launches management meetings for both public and private companies. The firm covers industries such as technology, media, telecom, retail/consumer, leisure and lodging, energy, industrials, automotive and transportation, healthcare and real estate.