Latvian Prime Minister Holds Meeting with NCH Capital

George Rohr

George Rohr, President and Co-Founder of NCH Capital meeting with Latvian Prime Minister Dombrovskis

On Tuesday, July 26th, the Prime Minister of Latvia, as well as a delegation of government officials and the Latvian Ambassador to the United States, held a number of official meetings in New York.

Prime Minister Dombrovskis’ visit was aimed at promoting growth and development of economic and trade ties between the two countries.

The prime minister spoke at the European Union Mission to the UN, and later visited the headquarters of investment firm NCH Capital Inc. His audience included investors, as well as political and economic analysts who follow Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.

The prime minister’s visit to the NCH offices, co-founded by George Rohr and Moris Tabacinic, came about as a result of the firm’s long-standing investment presence in Latvia, first established in 1994. The firm has invested more than $500 million across various sectors in Latvia, and at present has a private equity portfolio there of approximately $300 million.

NCH Capital has invested in sectors such as real estate, hi-tech manufacturing, agribusiness, financial services, insurance, port facilities, and consumer products, among others.

Attending the meeting with Prime Minister Dombrovskis were George Rohr, President and co-founder of NCH Capital;  Mr. Karlis Cerbulis, NCH’s Senior Vice President and head of operations in the Baltic States; and Alexander Kelberg, CEO of GroGlass, an NCH portfolio company in Latvia.

George Rohr

Prime Minister Dombrovskis, who has successfully guided Latvia through an extraordinarily difficult economic crisis, is now on a campaign to attract significant new investment to his country. He believes that NCH Capital’s long and successful experience in Latvia can serve as an example to other Western investors.

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