Corey Singman

Corey Singman drives the Investment Banking and Real Estate activities of the Wynston Hill Capital. Corey Singman had a successful career as an investment banker and private wealth manager before coming to Wynston Hill Capital.  Singman has a unique talent in locating, structuring, and funding public and private investment banking transactions. Corey Singman also has extensive personal and professional experience in real estate development.

Corey Singman was a Senior Executive of Arjent Services LLC, where he served as an important member of the NY sales and banking group since 2004. Most recently, Corey Singman served as lead investment banker and architect of the purchase of Gourmet Express Inc, which is a leading frozen food manufacturer based in Greeneville, KY. Acting in similar role, Corey Singman led the purchase of Calgon/The Healing Garden. Singman also acted as an investment banker to Smith Electric Vehicles US Corporation.

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