Chris Shumway

Chris Shumway is the Chairman of Shumway Capital Partners (“SCP”), an investment management firm founded in 2001. SCP, which manages private investment funds with an excess of 6B USD in assets, uses a type of private-equity research model for public market investments on a global basis.

Early Life

He is a graduated Harvard Business School in 1993 and also the University of Virginia McIntire School of Commerce in 1988.


Prior to forming Shumway Capital Partners, Chris Shumway was a senior managing director for Tiger Management, an analyst for Brentwood Associates and an analyst for Morgan Stanley & Co. Chris Shumway is considered one of the Tiger Cubs, who learned investing strategies under Julian Robertson at Tiger management. Since started his own firm in 2002, Chris Shumway’s SCP Ocean Fund Ltd gain 14.3% a year as of March 2009.

Hedge fund manager Chris Shumway is the buyer behind 104 Gin Lane, the huge Southampton mansion which sold for $60 million last March. Shumway apparently can afford it: He reportedly made $400 million in 2007.