Brandes Investment Partners LP

Based in San Diego and established in 1974 by Charles Brandes, Brandes Investment Partners LP has more than $52.9 billion under management. The company follows the principles of Graham and Dodd, as defined in the books ‘The Intelligent Investor’ and ‘Security Analysis.’ Over the years the firm has had success with the International Equity and Global Equity Funds. Brandes invested in mortgage and finance industries when they were in trouble, getting cut prices in the Bank of America, Countrywide Financial, Wachovia Corp and Washington Manual.  The company is also one of the biggest institutional shareholders of General Motors and the Royal Bank of Scotland. In 2007, Brandes Investment Partners LP ranked 165 in the Forbes 400 Richest Americans.  It is also regularly listed by Thomson Financial in its Top 10 International Equity Fund Managers.

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